Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Cooked meals

     Those few of you who read this blog know I have a nasty habit of periodically checking out the dirty laundry on Mannington Topix.  I just read an item about the old stock sale down where the Shop and Slop is now and about the food kiosk that was there.  Here is a quote "and every Saturday they had a meal special...always home cooked."  The other day I read on Facebook's Mannington page about Hero's Cafe and their home cooked meals.  It occurs to me that every small, local restaurant advertises 'home cooked meals'.  I would hope  that you readers might think this is nit picking but unless you live in the restaurant or cook at home and bring it to the restaurant to sell it ain't home cooked.  Now I grant you it might be just like home cooked, you cooked it the same way (which you don't) and you served it the same way (which you don't) as you do at home but  that's just exactly what they should advertise.  I've never been in a restaurant in my entire life that served meals like I was served at home.  My family owned/operated a restaurant as I was growing up and while there were certain occasions where occasionally leftovers were taken home (seldom might be a better word to use), it was never, ever, not once in my ken, the opposite.  My home meals and our restaurant meals were completely different.  I'm not really understanding what's so great about the "home cooking"  that restaurants  believe is a selling point.  If I wanted home cooking why would I go out to a restaurant?  Because I'm lazy and want someone else to cook the same dull boring food that I fix for myself.   Home cooked bah...why pay triple for dull food in a sterile space that smells of old cooking oil with all the charm of a grade school cafeteria, when you can sit watching TV in your pjs, eating the same food at a third the cost,  and that you had the satisfaction of creating in your own kitchen.  
     This isn't to denigrate "Hero's Cafe", not at all.  It's a swell eatery.  They have a surveyor's mark on the outside wall if you would care to notice.  I've eaten there several times and the food has always been great, the service adequate.  Their meat loaf is just as tasty as my home cooked meat loaf, and their turkey and dressing is every bit as good as my home cooked turkey and dressing.  And the price wasn't that hard on the wallet.  For a "just like home cooked meal" they can't be beat.

I've made a mess of this post, and I apologize.  It's a small symantic point, and I've wasted way too many words on it and in recompense I give you this......Home Cooked Meal 


  1. Now if I were a reader of my blog, which I am, and I had a comment to make about the blog, which I have, this is where I would type it, which I have done. Readers are welcome as are their comments. Please be kind to an old man in his dotage,,,unless I deserve a spanking, then all bets are off.

  2. I have an old college buddy in Pittsburgh who I have shared a meal with in many establishments that offered "home cooked meals." He never fails to ask (with a straight face) the waitress, "Whose home was the food cooked in?" I usually add, "Yeah, who toted in the eats this mornin?" The waitress either smiles, frowns or takes a stab at explaining the creative use of the phrase "home cooked food." In any case, she gets a nice tip. Mike, does that make us assholes or just naturally curious? - Doc

  3. Doc,,

    Boy am I sorry I never check the comments to my blog,,mainly because I hardly ever get any. Like going to the mailbox everyday and only getting spam. But I have now and I would have to say that being an asshole is nothing to be ashamed of...some have that role to fill...but in this fringes on friendly banter and is always allowable in a restaurant. There are no easy jobs in said establishment and jocularity is always in order. It makes cutting through the "weeds" a little easier. I've usually found I got as good as I gave in said situations and was never the worse for wear,,,usually came out ahead...even with leaving a big tip. --Mike


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