Monday, May 24, 2010

My growing garden


Anytime friends come calling is a good time. On Sunday it was ten friends come calling and it was Xmas in May. Santa Fred and Bob stopped by and brought goodies of the best kind, that is to say plants of the herbal kind. Black Tomatoes, Thyme, and their left over seeds. So now I'm growing Kale and Dill, and French Tarragon among others. Oh happy day. So now all we need are a couple of green tomatoes and a couple of Hungarian Wax peppers and we'll be set for the season.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Beaty Bread

This is soooo cool. Pictures on my blog. and the first picture is of Beaty Bread. I gave the recipe in the earlier kaput blog, but it's real easy 5/3/1/1 a five to three ratio of flour to water( which translates to 20 oz. of flour and 12 oz H2O ) a tsp of salt and a tsp of active dry yeast. And Voila


If I were a poet, and I'm most assuredly not, my first, best, and last poem would not be to maiden fair nor fish or fowl, but to the delectable tomato...The names Big Boy, Black Crim, Mortgage Lifter,
Box Car Willy, whimsical maybe, but after having tasted these varietals their names provoke a taste memory. I remember being eight or nine, with a salt shaker from our kitchen and going next door to the neighbor's garden, eating so many tomatoes that I was sick, both parents irate and the neighbors just shaking their collective heads.That's why my tomato garden is behind a six foot tall fence. It's not the pool the fence guards, but the precious love apples.

We're Back

New day,,,,new blog....and so it goes

My old blog at Baywords is kaput,,,or Baywords is kaput...hopefully this group of blags will stay around long enough to get something done.

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