Friday, December 30, 2011

/the good and the bad

    I was at Walmart in Fairmont yesterday.   I hate shopping Walmart,  Everything is tastefully bland, no character at all, and if it wasn't for the convenience, I would boycott the chain.   I was there to buy a filter for my kitchen sink, and came home with a 100 dollar plus receipt.  That said, I came home with 3 bottles of wine and the biggest damn filet of beef I have ever seen, marked down to 10 dollars. Oh yeah and  some Snazzy pjs  I had been planning a meal from the time I saw the filet.  I thought " its gonna be warm enough to grill, wouldn't it be cool to grill out for post/mid/pre holiday.   I bought fresh button mushrooms, just cause mushrooms are pretty much always welcome to the party.  Had planned a transcendent meal.  Then a friend shows up today and I have a glass of wine and blam!  a bottle of wine later and pretty much playing it by ear and not wanting to put too much effort into the dinner,  I begin the meal.   Instead of grilling; I was much to far gone for that; I flash seared the bacon wrapped filet on top of the stove in a saute pan with garlic oil.  Microwaved a potato about half way, then put it a the hot oven.  Char/Searing the salt and peppered steak on both sides, I placed the pan in the oven with the potato.  Started the Mushrooms, with grated Lemon peel,  a squeeze of Lemon juice, butter, salt and pepper.   Fine diced some onion, got out the sour cream.  took the steak and potato out.  Flashed the pan with wine and crushed juniper berries.  ?Reduced it down, and finished with butter.  Split the potato and doused with butter, salt and pepper and the finely minced onion, topped with a dollop of sour cream. It was a  Top Five steak of my short, blessed life.
I make no excuse,,,I am a carnivore.  When a steak transports you to the Serengeti and into the avatar of a lion, it's a good steak.  This was good...grrrrrrr

     Now the bad,,,remember when I took the frying pan with the steak out of the oven?...Well I took it out without the protection of a towel or heat pad.  Seared the dickens out of the palm of my right hand.  Burns like hell as  I type this, but I'm  looking at it as a badge of honor.

Stay Hungry my friend

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