Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I gotta have it

     Okay, I have to admit it.  Didn't want to have to do this what with all my other foibles, but yesterday I was forced to look myself in the mirror and admit that I was addicted. Yes addicted to the internet.  Frontier's service had an eight to ten hour outage and I about went apeshit.  Couldn't get anything done, kept looking at the router hoping that the unblinking red light would turn green and things could be nice and rosy again.  No Facebook, or Twitter, or News.  No blogs to read, or youtube videos to browse through. No Netflix to watch or Golf tournaments to play Wii golf in.  Come to think of it I actually got some work done around the house for a change.  Well not really work..I got a library book about the British Empire in America before the "Revolution" read all the way through.  It's two weeks overdue.  Oh and I started two other books that look really interesting.  One a cook's book "Ad Hoc at Home" by renowned chef Thomas Kellar  and the other an overview of quantum theory entitled " The Infinity Puzzle". I don't believe infinities exist in the real world, but they seem to work in the mind of Mathematicians, though Physicists abhor them.  They go through all sorts of strange contortions to rid them in their equations. It's easier to deal with nothing than everything, although I'm not too sure that "nothing" exist's.  It's a philosophical quandary for sure, and that makes for good reading when the internet is on the blink and the nights are long and cold.

Stay Hungry my friends

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