Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I be gettin outta the way when I sees this baby coming my way.  Unless I haven't showered in a couple of years.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's been a day and change since cold turkey Facebook style and I'm still alive.  Lots of sun, completed two ferocious New York Times Xword puzzles, read about 15 pages of Lisa Randall's newest book and cleaned out the cupboard on the front porch.  Scented the tomatoes with Miracle-Gro and watched a zillion insects do a honeybee's job of passing pollen.  From wasps to Flys, moths to sweat bees, and a bunch of insects I had no idea existed.  I don't think the lack of honeybees is going to put a dent in plants making viable seed for the next growth cycle.  Only difference is....no honey.
     I missed the transit of Venus across the Sun.  but it was a..mostly cloudy....b...much better view on the internet....c..I'm really lazy when it comes to observing  celestial events.  I've got a pretty nice pair of binoculars. I laid out on the pool deck one night soon after their purchase, determined to see our one of our nearest galactic neighbors...The Andromeda Galaxy,   you know the one that's going to smash into us eventually. (don't sell the farm just yet) and after about half an hour of my eyes adjusting to the dark and with my arms straining at the sinews with  holding the binoculars vertical for twenty minutes straight...lo and behold,,the Andromeda Galaxy, our twin sister.  The picture is provided by NASA.  

Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye Facebook

    Goodbye and good riddance to my Facebook presence.  They finagled and fleeced me into the timeline template and the only way I can protest is to quit.  Cold turkey style quitting.  Probably should go cold turkey on bad habits at least twice a year.  Hopefully I can stay quit, but that's a moot question and I really don't know how long I can stay disconnected.  But it will allow me to read and study more, and anyway it's spring, hot weather is here and there's absolutely no reason to coop oneself up in a dark room facebook gawking when there's sunshine and fresh air to be had.  I doubt anyone will notice my absence, let alone miss me.  Besides I was getting tired of wishing everyone "Happy Birthday" and not getting a response from them.  I'll miss it, mostly for the lack of instant news rather than listening to friends try to force me to be a good "christian"...LOL.
     Any whosits the tomatoes are going great, as are the chiles.  Oregano and rosemary and spearmint abound. And horseraddish and parsley.  Gonna be hard to wait for that first tomato......yummm.

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