Monday, February 27, 2012

Fisher's Tower, Moab, Utah

King of the mountain from No Fly Zone on Vimeo.

This is a really neat video....The song is great and please notice the two people walking the rope between two spires just at the end.  There are so many people on those crags....Wish I had the lung power...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A good meal spoiled's how it all went down.

I was hungry

Had been hungry for a couple of days.

Jonesin for chicken, and rooted around in the freezer and came up with some legs that had a relatively recent purchase date and placing them in the reefer to thaw, began to plan the meal.  But the plans went amiss when my lungs began to act up, I think it's the dry winter air,  and I decided that frying was out of the question,,too much grease in the air.*   I thought of Cacciatore, but I had made Hunter's Chicken about three weeks ago. I had buttermilk, so when the legs thawed I marinated them in some of the buttermilk and liberal dose of Sirrachi Hot Sauce,,,mmmm garlic hot good.   I had a box of seasoned flour for chicken I had found marked down to 50 Cents at the local market which I doctored up with poultry seasoning, powdered cayenne chile, summer savory, and some sugar...I was gonna bake at 375 degrees and I knew the sugar would caramelize and mix with the meat juices and make magic happen.  Pasta shells and Velveeta for the starch, and as the vegetable I decided on heating up a can of Spinach which I liberally dosed with bacon grease that had a large amount of brown goodness embedded.  As the Chicken baked and browned and I made the Mac and cheese, warmed the spinach and grease in the microwave I was taping the Mountaineer girls play DePaul at the Colosseum in Motown.  As things came together on the plate I added the final touch and dosed the Spinach with some reduced Balsamic vinegar which is pure heaven in a bottle.  Chicken was hot and  savory and luscious, the pasta was bland but filling and the spinach....the spinach was sublime.  Three legs worth and almost a whole can of Popeye Power I vegged on the couch and watch the Mountaineer's blow a 14 point half-time lead and lose in almost a rout to a team that had brought only seven players and had four starters with two fouls each and their best player with three fouls at the end of the first half.   What the fuck?   Sad day for the eer's but a great meal.  The meal was so good it made the ice water I had taste specially good.

* note to self...go to Walmart or Lowes and get a turkey fryer so you can deep fry your chicken KFC style knucklehead.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

I am not a scientist..That's to say I don't have initials after my name, work in a laboratory, nor have I authored a journal article, Yet I believe in science, in the concept of science, in the belief that the universe and everything in it or about it is subject to study and scrutiny to discern any patterns that it might exhibit. There are things about the universe that are perhaps unknowable, so be it. But you work the problem with what you got. And I'm all for finding out everything we are capable of discovering. I'm kinda fuzzy about what we should do with the knowledge of the patterns that we discover, but I absolutely believe it's everyone's duty to search for them. I'm not a scientist..... I shoulda been a scientist, I woulda been a scientist, I coulda been a scientist.....But I'm not a scientist. And in that vein I give you Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.
I Am Science from Mindy Weisberger on Vimeo.

But here are some real scientissts
I am a scientist 

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