Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Hills are alive with the Sound of...

"Let's Go Mountaineers"  Burn a couch, burn a couch.

"Let's Go Mountaineers"  Burn a couch, burn a couch

January 4th, 2912, a date which will live in Mountaineer Memory for all eternity.

And I have it TIVOed,

     It all started calmly the morning of the Orange Bowl when I noticed that I hadn't set the game to record on Tivo. When I tried it wouldn't allow me, and when I looked at the schedule I saw that I had the Basketball game to record too, and after skipping Nova and another program I was all set to go.  Then I remembered that the Ohio Bobcats were playing and checking their site discovered that they had a 7 pm start time, the same as the Huggins Horde.  Decisions, Decisions.
The Time was a quarter past seven when after washing the supper dishes and popping the top of a cheap beer I settled myself in front of the computer and brought up the Bobcats game.  Glancing at the TIVO to be sure it was recording, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that seven or eight minutes into the game Mariah Byard announced as the leading scorer.  I was hooked instantly into the game.  I brought up the Mountaineer game on TV and  would watch it while the Bobcat game was in time-out.  Mariah played one heck of a game, coming off the bench, leading the Bobcats in scoring, and hitting on five of seven three-pointers, ending up with 21 points.
     After the Bobcat game I turn my attention to the Rutgers game and the Scarlet Knights were out ahead early and I'm thinking whoops.  The announcers keep saying that Rutgers had just beaten then No 10 Florida in double overtime and lost a heart-breaker to South Florida, hyping up their lead over WV.  But back roared the Horde  of Huggins,  and we take the  Pre-pubescent Piscataway Pushovers  85 to 64.

     Now  the GAME.  I select the Orange Bowl, it's in commercial, and I select Start Over and the game is on. They score first and easily, and I think Oh Fuck!!  Then we score and I think Kool.  They the phone rings and  it's a friend saying "ain't it awful...."  I cut him off,,Don't tell me, Don't tell me"  I shout into the phone.   I'm TIVOed and I've just started the game.  He tells me he'll call after the game, then hangs up, and I've got that word "awful" echoing in my brain, thinking the worst, but I'm a dedicated fan and win or lose I'm gonna plow through.

     WOW.  There are no words to describe what happened next. Four beers and a glass of wine later, my body tingling with our victory and I'm thinking "what the heck was my friend trying to say to me earlier leaving me with the word "awful" pinging my cranium.   Anyone notice how the stands turned entirely to gold after the half....there weren't half a dozen Clemson fans there at the end.  Mountaineer fans probably had to be told to leave.  and I'm sure there was a spontaneous eruption of "Country Roads".

All in all a good night, it would have been perfect if the Carey Crew hadn't got drubbed by UConn earlier in the evening.

But the best part of the entire evening is ""I've got it on TIVO.  

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