Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Links to chew on.

 I know these funnies aren't for everyone, most are kinda quirky and scientifical, but that pretty much describes yours truly.  They're Camp Massawomee's  Winter Solstice gift  to the rest of humanity.  
This here one is my favoritest comic strip, almost.  Scenes From A Multiverse    though I like Calvin and Hobbes maybe morer.  The Perry Bible Fellowship is pretty cool too.  The Abstruse Goose goes down easily as does PHD Comics.   Are we sensing a theme developing here?  Well let's add this one to the mix xkcd.

The above is a t-shirt found at the Shop and Save in Mannington and photoed by my friend Jack Bailey.  I thought it special.

And lastly I want to thank all of my blog's followers.  Both of them....Happy holidays Patricia and Sean.

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