Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's new?

I have in my possesion two new books and one on the way. The two new books are both by Michael Ruhlman,,,,Ratio is a treatise about the ratios in cooking, The only ratio I use in cooking is the 5/3 ration of flour to water when baking bread, What I really need is the ratio of Right Wing idiotcy to Left wing sanity that allows me peace of mind without worrying about the next stupid war they're going to get us into.

The other book is an offal book.  


Blood Sausage any one

or using all the pig save the oink,,,,and in some sense we just used it.

and for those of you with nothing better to do
Look up Hannie's Voorwerp

But if you actually see Hannie,,,don't tell her I was the one who suggested you look up her,,,,,well you know what.

T he third book is about the French and Indian War....and how Geo. Washington be

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