Saturday, November 27, 2010

What I did for Thanks giving

I'm not totally convinced we should give thanks for our largesse by trying to consume as much food as possible at one sitting.  I believe that abstinence is a better paean to our bounty.  That being said, Thanks giving is in reality the "harvest feast", and as such I devised a nontraditional dessert.  Caveat: I love cooking,,,,,I hate recipes.   They're not really avoidable, but most recipes need to be viewed as "guidelines" not absolute rules,,,,more or less.  The first "Bitchin Kitchen" I watched, Nadia G made a Key Lime Habanero Cheese cake.  Aha,,,no pumpkin pie for me,,,but I didn't have habanero's ...but I did have Bhut Jalokia.  I couldn't find mascapone,,but I did have sour cream.  Couldn't find chocolate cookies at the local Shop and Save.  (wtf?)  But did find a ready made chocolate pie crust.  So game on.
Mixed the ingredients, then into a bain marie, and  voila.  My very first cheesecake. 
It's delicious people, and such a disappointment....the chiles chased me out of the kitchen coughing when I minced them, but they're a no show in the cheesecake.    Bummer
I highly recommend  "Bitchin Kitchen"   it's on the Cooking Channel....
later gators

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