Sunday, November 14, 2010

What the fuck

One of my guilty pleasures is the Mannington Topix web site,,,Some funny stuff there.  But I was just there and one of the questions was along the line of "where should the government trim the budget.  It was a poll and had six or seven options.  I voted for defense department cuts.  There were two comments, the first indicating why the defense budget should be cut, the next comment defending the defense budget.  I googled "defense budget by country" and the wiki answer was...Well this is what I posted on Topix::

"The defense budget of the United States is larger than the combined defense budgets of the next 16.

That's China, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy , India, South Korea, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, Turkey, Israel. What all those countries spend for defense Combined does not equal what we the United States spends.

That's fucked up"
That's what I posted and I got to still say
What The Fuck is going on here.
If we spent as much on peace as we do on war
and that is a true pipe dream
what a better world this would be.

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