Monday, January 30, 2017

Today I stand

     So many things going through my mind, many that I would be ashamed of if public.  Mainly mayhem in Washington.   I'm pretty sure I can keep a cap on it, but still I can not remain silent while a tyrant has taken control of the country I love.   I may have COPD, but I still breathe and having to breathe the same air that Trumpulthinskin breathes.  Sad.  Irritatingly I copy his syntax.  How long before the brown shirt bullies start to spill blood on the ground to assuage the ego of the nazi ensconced in our White House. And it will spill my friends, as surely and the sun will rise on an awakened America. I may not be able to march, but I can still speak up.  Resist America this pestilent blight upon the soul of our country.  

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