Friday, October 18, 2013

Eating Pi

Pi or the ratio of the diameter of a circle to it's circumference is a very naughty number.  I'm surprised as anyone at this disclosure.'s just a number,,,,how could a number be naughty?  Well it's like this.   Pi is an irrational number that by definition goes on forever without stopping or repeating. So it contains by definition every finite number sequence.  Objects that are copyrighted, books and songs, etc.  can't be duplicated without permission,,it's against the law. So some where inside number pi is everything ever written, and since songs can be represented digitally, every song ever written is somewhere inside pi.  So these number sequences are illegal.  Images can be represented digitally, ergo:  Every painting, photograph, indeed every movie ever made,,,,is inside pi.  Pi itself isn't copyrighted,,,but parts of it are...Oh yes they will fine you and throw you in jail for writing down those numbers and disseminating them.

Pi you are a very naughty number,,,,,I think I make Pi and eat the whole damn thing,,,Without the evidence how can the number police prosecute?.....

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