Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Not having written in a long time I've had a lot to think about.  Reading, on the net, and watching television my mind had finally gotten saturated with minutia and I must regurgitate some to make room for more.

Most of my reader know I love to cook and watch the food channel and cooking network far too much.  On twitter I'm following  many of the food network talking heads and enjoy it.  I don't remember when I began to follow Alton Brown,  don't really remember any of his tweets, but this morning I was browsing Wired magazine "net version".. and came upon an article about Alton.     Now if you will indulge me and  look at the post-it notes.  Am I mistaken, but doesn't Alton's self portraits look a lot like Calvin.  I always knew that the reason Gary Larson stopped drawing was because Calvin had grown up and became Alton.  Mystery though is what ever became of Hobbes?

Roasted, Braised, or Stew,
Tiger tastes of glue.

And now a "Fire Devil"

While on the subject of atmospheric phenomenon, this is a picture taken from the porch of Camp Massawomee one Saturday not too long ago.  It's what is called a "Sun dog".

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