Monday, May 24, 2010


Anytime friends come calling is a good time. On Sunday it was ten friends come calling and it was Xmas in May. Santa Fred and Bob stopped by and brought goodies of the best kind, that is to say plants of the herbal kind. Black Tomatoes, Thyme, and their left over seeds. So now I'm growing Kale and Dill, and French Tarragon among others. Oh happy day. So now all we need are a couple of green tomatoes and a couple of Hungarian Wax peppers and we'll be set for the season.



  2. I went there and entered "nero's cause of d, eath".. gave me bunch of facts but not what i asked for. but then i typed in wolfram in video and came up with a podcast of steve wolfram, giving a talk about his book "a new kind of science" or nks. This is a really good talk.
    Some individuals have such a command of their knowledge that it flows effortlessly out.

  3. the porch looks like a place i could put my feet up and just relax mike,wish i was there i can almost smell the piece and quiet,man i miss home...


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